Our values

Customer First

We are a small manufacturing company focussed on customers and their needs. We are able to produce quality yarns in short time and small volumes, thanks to the flexibility of our manufacturing machinery.

The production process, from the preparation of colorants for dope dyeing of polymers to extrusion, winding to finishing, is entirely carried out in our production plant.

This allows us to guarantee product traceability and to personalise the aesthetical and functional aspects of our yarns, to make them suitable for the most varied applications. We can manufacture yarns with different counts and structures, in 1000 different tones, without losing brightness, resistance and strength, and including functionalising additives (for example, UV and fire-repellent protection).

Over the years, Filsaronno developed its own way to interpret made in Italy: small “km 0” production with high added value and assistance to customers, from the design to the delivery of yarns.

Filsaronno for the environment

Our products are Oekotex-certified, and this choice confirms our commitment, which goes beyond the observance of Reach European regulations and guarantees our customers the compliance with the strict environmental safety protocols.

We work with a circular economy logic: all production waste is collected for recycling and turned into plastic products.

Every year, we recycle about 50,000 kg of waste, which would otherwise be destined to dumps or energy production.


Our history brought us from the production of yarns for mattresses to the diversification of our offer and design according to the requests of increasingly exigent customers. We produce yarns in 1000 colour variants, with different customised counts and formats, and various functionalisations...

  Via Valtellina, 38/40, Rescaldina

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